Essential Travel Pieces

Hi loves,

Adventuring is always on my mind whether it be near or far!  When I leave the comforts of home, there are always a few key pieces that help me keep my life together.  This way I can keep focused on the experience and not so much of the struggles that can come from traveling, ya know?

Here are my picks-

A must have!  They help me utilize every last bit of carry-on (I despise checking my bag FYI).

A bright colored cover always helps me when I need to find it in my bag.

Perfect for when you are exploring local markets and shops.  Points for reusable items, right?!

Not only is good to have while cruising, but it’s essential on most trips.  I love to keep my small items all together so they don’t get lost in the mix.

What are your go to items for when you travel?

Much love and adventuring,


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