Destination: Cabo

When most people think of Cabo, their minds wander to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur, which is all apart of Mexico.  My favorite location in Los Cabos, is about 30 minutes south of Cabo San Lucas and is San Jose del Cabo!

My main reason for falling in love with this area is the slower pace and super relaxing vibes!  Call me old,  if you want, but when I’m on vacation, I want to relax! This was a treat for my mom, so we intended to escape.  The resort that we stayed at was fantastic and was perfect for a well rested holiday.

Royal Solaris in San Jose del Cabo met all of our expectations.  The food was excellent, drinks were plentiful, the service was impeccable and there was so much to do every single day of the week! One tip I will give is that when you check in, they will try to get you to sign up for a timeshare.  Since this was not on our vacation agenda, we politely declined.  This did not change the amount of service we received for the rest of our trip!

A couple sweet spots to visit while in San Jose Del Cabo:

The Old Church

The Main Square

Take a local bus and visit Cabo San Lucas

Playa Palmilla

My travel tips when I travel resort style in Mexico are the following:

  • Bring US singles
    • These are great for tips!  I know many resorts advise you that gratuity is included in the price.  From personal experience, I have always gotten even better service by setting the tone this way.  Many times this is a way to give back to their families as well.  If I can, I will also try and take care packages to leave for our room/hotel service before we depart home.
  • Sunscreen/sunhat/Any sun protection
    • Usually buying this at home is easier on the wallet than paying for the marked up price at a resort
  • Do your homework before you go
    • If you decide to treat yourself to luxury spa treatments or a massage, try to see if there are any special spots along the beach, outside of the resort.  I will usually, see if there are any recommendation on Trip Advisor before I go.
  • Live like a local
    • Adventure outside the resort and see what the locals do!  Remember, you’re travelling, not “tourist-ing”.
  • Attempt to learn and speak the language
    • It’s a fun and rewarding experience-nuff’ said.

Here are some fun pics from our trip!

I hope you found this helpful in your trip planning to San Jose del Cabo!  What are your travel tips?



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